Welcome below websites to be a useful weblink:

1:Top 5000 websites of Alexa, and website page rank ≥ 4;

2:Global enterprise website, regardless of industry, and website page rank ≥ 3;

3:Influential public benefit website;

Note: Do not accept no fixed domain name, secondary domain name, steering domain name or with unhealthy

content website links, refuse to link with pornography, gambling, reactionary website.

Friendship website

Please put Haitai weblink in a proper place of your website, below is our link material:

Text link format:Goldenhaitai

Icon link format/ Logo address:http://www.chandelier-part.com/logo.jpg

Web site: http://www.goldenhaitai.com

The website which apply for link need to provide below material:

Web site full name:

Web site address:

Web site category:

Website flow description:

Website LOGO address:

Contact information:


Can through the following ways and contact us::


MSN/ auk@siike.com

Sure, we can talk directly through MSN, our MSN account is goldenhaitai@hotmail.com